Topcon Intelligent Compaction Accelerometer

6.00 LBS
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Compact With Confidence

Complete your grading or asphalt project with our Intelligent Compaction solution. The finish is the most critical phase of your project and deserves the most sophisticated tools. Time sensitive material such as asphalt needs immediate attention and we deliver real-time feedback of temperature and stiffness so the operator can compact when and where needed.

Our Sitelink3D global web service keeps you in command and control with a constant record instantly captured and secured showing each roller position in real-time. Unnecessary overlap or inadequate compaction is a thing of the past - increasing productivity without jeopardizing the material.

  • Increase your efficiency and reduce guesswork
  • Increase crew safety and let the technology do the work
  • Securely record your results for regulatory reporting
  • Eliminate re-work of material and deliver reportable results the first time
  • Increase the quality of compaction
  • Part number 1006770-01
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