Spikes and Pads

Spikes and Pads

  • Treehog

    Aluminum Climbing Spikes TH1003

    Made from lightweight aluminium, the TH1003 tree climbing spikes a good choice for the professional arborist or linesman.Comfort is assured, thanks to the soft leather leg pads, laminated with natural wool based padding. Inside the padding is an...
  • Rigid C-Pads TH1017


    Rigid C-Pads TH1017

    Set of replacement pads for your Treehog TH1005 tree climbing spikes.The TH1017 pads are made from durable soft leather, with a natural wool based inner layer of padding for comfort.Part number: AB345491
  • Treehog

    Short Gaffs TH1018

    Set of replacement short gaffs for your Treehog climbing irons. The TH1018 is a set of short gaffs, if you require long gaffs, use product code TH1019. Each set comes complete with replacement screws for attaching the gaffs to your climbing spikes.Part...
  • Split Ring Set TH1013


    Split Ring Set TH1013

    Set of replacement split rings for TH1000, TH1003 and TH1005 tree climbing spikes.Part number: AB345490
  • Spurs Bag TH1015


    Spurs Bag TH1015

    Strong reinforced PVC bag to keep your climbing spurs tidy and prevent damage to other kit.Part number: AB345411
  • Treehog

    Steel Climbing Spikes TH1000

    The TH1000 is an economical climber, made from steel. The shaft of this climbing iron is shaped to fit around your boots, and slightly cranked to line up with the lower leg. With reinforced webbing upper and lower strap sets, and soft and comfortable leg...
  • Top Strap Set TH1011


    Top Strap Set TH1011

    Set of replacement top straps for TH1000, TH1003 and TH1005 tree climbing spikes.Part number: AB345409