RDRone Commercial UAV Drone

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  • RDRone Commercial UAV Drone
  • RDRone Commercial UAV Drone
  • RDRone Commercial UAV Drone
  • RDRone Commercial UAV Drone
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Batteries Included: Yes
Type of Batteries: Lithium Ion Batteries
Drone, Charger, Batteries, Controller, Extra propellers, Hard Case, tool kit – all included

RDR series Commercial UAVs

RDO works closely with an American UAV Manufacturer to present a variety of multi-rotor options for practically any commercial purpose. With a tricopter and hexacopter options and Non-Chinese components, the RDR system is sourced and manufactured in the USA with a variety of payload options and excellent flight characteristics. From mapping to agronomy, videography to inspection, the RDR series has an answer for your needs. Give us a call to and lets get started on your UAV solution.

  • Payload Options: Photogrammetry, MultiSpectral, Hyperspectral, Thermal, Videography, LIDAR
  • Mapping Accuracy:  Available RTK with up to 1cm absolute accuracy when compared to survey check points
  • Mapping Coverage: Max 70 acres per flight at 400 feet
  • Resilience: 32 mph sustained wind/35 mph gusts
  • Flight time: Max 30 minutes with field swappable batteries
  • Operating temperature range: 5 °F to 113 °F
  • Developed and Manufactured in the USA with non-Chinese components

Key Differentiators of this product vs competition:

  • Made and designed in the USA
  • Non-Chinese components
  • Long flight times
  • High wind resistance
  • Faster top speed
  • Fast setup time
  • More payload options

Key message points for RDROne:

  • Competitively priced US made Commercial drone
  • Fast and accurate volume and grade measurement
  • Repeatable and consistent jobsite information
  • Dense and detailed surface data
  • Commercial grade components
  • Simple automated operation
  • Quick and simple flight planning

Key message points for RDR UAVs Series in general

  • RDR series UAVs by RDO are available as purpose built turn-key or customized solutions
  • Chinese UAVs are unpopular at many commercial sites and banned by government and infrastructure customers
  • RDR Series UAVs are designed, manufactured and sourced in the U.S.A.
  • RDR Series UAVs are price competitive
  • RDR series UAVs are backed and supported by RDO Solutions Center
  • Applications
    • Construction volume and grade measurement
    • Mining
    • Survey
    • Oil and Gas Inspection
    • Infrastructure Inspection
    • Agriculture
    • Aerial photography and cinematography
    • Law Enforcement and Security
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