Machine Control 2D Excavator Systems

iDig excavator control

iDig gives the solution to your needs
iDig is a brand new real time grade control tool for excavating machines. 
Sensors are directly fitted to the boom by magnets (no weldings), connected to the cab panel by radio (no wiring), directly powered by the sun (no recharging).
Grade calculation is immediately shown and information given to the operator by a colored LED indicator.
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Set up your iDig

Efficient, effective and easy to set up.
iDig is the brand new control "tool" providing at low price same functions as expensive sophisticated systems.
Thanks to radio transmission between components, solar cells powered sensors, "fast-fit" fixing plates, installation can be made by the user itself.
Use on multiple machines.
Simple removal and attachment allows easy transfer of the sensors to another machine. A kit with a second set of mounting plates can be purchased for an additional machine. If using several machines, the system stores each setup.
Can also be used with various buckets.