Lifetime Calibration Pipe Laser TP



[ This is the Lifetime Calibration option for TP-L5B and TP-L5GV ]

Lifetime Calibration explained:

Your equipment will be inspected for accuracy by a factory trained and certified Technician. Any required calibrations will be performed per manufacturer factory specifications at no cost.

It is recommended that your equipment is inspected and calibrated every six months.

General Terms and Conditions:

1. Manufacturer’s recommended maintenance and preventative maintenance schedules must be followed. These schedules may only be modified through the mutual agreement between the Customer and RDO Integrated Controls based on the best real-world practices.

2. The Customer is responsible for all costs associated with equipment repairs which may be required outside the scope of a standard clean and calibration.

3. The equipment may not be altered or modified in any manner which effects the mechanical operation as described by the OEM without approval of the OEM and RDO Integrated Controls.

4. The Customer agrees to provide RDO Integrated Controls and its representatives reasonable access to the above listed equipment for the purpose of inspection, technical analysis, and repair and maintenance on a regular basis. RDO Integrated Controls will make every effort to perform these services during times convenient to the customer.

5. The customer agrees to use only genuine OEM parts for all maintenance and repairs performed by Customer personnel. It is further understood the OEM standards will be observed.

6. RDO Integrated Controls will provide a Factory Certified Technician to perform all inspections and repairs for equipment sold and serviced at all RDO Integrated Controls Service Centers.

7. All references made to 'calibration' in this contract refer to the inspection and factory specification accuracy of equipment model.

8. If the equipment covered in this agreement leaves the RDO Integrated Controls Area of Responsibility (AOR), RDO Integrated Controls retains the right to terminate the guarantees contained in the RDO Integrated Controls Lifetime Calibration agreement.

9. All agreements set forth in this contract are solely between RDO Integrated Controls and the end user of equipment.

10. Obvious signs of misuse, abuse, or damage void this contract.

11. This agreement covers new equipment purchases only.

12. This agreement commences upon the delivery of equipment to the end user.


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