Kespry 2s Construction and Survey Mapping Drone

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  • Kespry 2s Construction and Survey Mapping Drone
  • Kespry 2s Construction and Survey Mapping Drone
  • Kespry 2s Construction and Survey Mapping Drone
  • Kespry 2s Construction and Survey Mapping Drone
  • Kespry 2s Construction and Survey Mapping Drone
  • Kespry 2s Construction and Survey Mapping Drone
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The Kespry Drone 2s system uses Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) technology to increase the accuracy of photogrammetric aerial images. Integrating PPK improves the speed, efficiency and reliability of gathering survey-ready data in commercial environments.

Kespry makes it easy to integrate existing civilsurvey data, such as topographic maps, mine plans, and reclamation plans, with rich 2D and 3D aerialdata captured with the Kespry Drone 2s. Theaccuracy of the system means Kespry customers can now work with previously referenced survey information or use Kespry data as a baseline for ongoing earthwork operations.

The Kespry Drone 2s system uses a GNSS base station (included) and one known control point. During a Kespry Drone 2s flight, imagery from the drone and GNSS data fromthe base station are simultaneously collected. Both data sets are automatically uploaded for processing in the Kespry Cloud where accurate survey-grade datais automatically generated.

A touchless, more accurate, easier, and safer way to survey and inspect.
Our customers choose us because we provide a complete, touchless industrial drone solution that's easy enough to use for anyone in the field, yet delivers the accurate data needed to close claims faster, measure stockpiles and survey mines more accurately, and operate earthworks projects more efficiently. They also love that we make these tasks safer and have a Kespry team helping them at every step. All the data is uploaded to the Kespry Cloud, enabling customers to share it with anyone, no matter where they’re working in the current climate of distributed workforces.

With Kespry, you don’t have to gamble on getting the survey or inspection data you need.
One simple subscription delivers a complete solution that takes you fromflight training, to compliant and safe flights, to reporting and analytics. Our customer success team is there at every step of your drone program. We have you covered to ensure you can always fly your drone and get the data you need. Learn more about what is included in your Kespry subscription.

Premium Support with Every Drone.
Kespry offers premium support for mission-critical inspection and surveying. Each customer is assigned a personalized team made up of hand-picked support and customer success employees who have relevant industry expertise. This team walks new customers through onboarding, Part 107 preparation, and flight training—and then supports them as their experience and Kespry usage grows. This team also delivers on our up-time guarantee by taking away the need to worry about hardware repairs, third-party support, or shipping drones.


• Kespry Drone
• 3 Battery Packs and iPad with Kespry App
• Kespry Box with Internet Access (limited data plan)
• Septentrio GNSS base station receiver – for PPK corrections
• Bipod and 2 meter pole
• Kespry Travel case included
• Updates/ Maintenance/ Repairs
• Unlimited data processing
• Unlimited reporting
• Earthwork and Inventory Management Tools
• 2D / 3D modeling and analysis
• Auto Updates
• Support and Onboarding Services included

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